Stop Using You As A Trash Can

Stop Using You As A Trash Can

Hello, my name is Scott Bechtel. I’m a hypnotist. And so I have this question for you today. When you’re full, when you’ve been eating in your all fooled up, what are some ways you can stop using you as a trashcan? Hey, subscribe to the channel. If you like this video, I released to them every week. So I just want to point out where this is going from. So let me show my screen super quick. Oh, it helps if I click share. Okay. So, so in the note, no cravings, unstoppable weight release virtual band program. There’s the installation for the virtual band video. And inside that video, I talk about not using your body as a trashcan. And so I’ve been thinking about that a little bit. And so when you come up with some ways, some strategies, some things that you can apply for yourself, if you don’t want to use your own body as a trashcan.

So come up with three different scenarios today. I want to address in this video, come back to me. Okay. So we’ll come back. So if you’ve been, so let me know in the comments below, if you have other ideas about what you can be done with the food that you no longer want to put inside your body, but for now, let’s talk about these three. So if you’re at the office, you know, Hey, it might happen? There’s still people working inside an office or, or in retail, essential employees. You’re not working from home. So when you’re done eating your lunch, if there’s some left, what will you do with it?

My best suggestion for that scenarios, just throw it away. Put it in a trash can get rid of it. You’ve been eating, eating, and your stomach says, Hey, I’m full. Hello, uncle. Just stop. Throw it away. If you want, you could take it on depending on what it is. But most of the time, probably just want to throw that away. Okay. So another scenario is you’ve been eating at a restaurant and you’re staring goes, hello, pool. What do you do? You could either leave it on your plate so someone can throw it away. But if there’s enough, get it to cut, to go container. Actually take it home, take the doggy bag home. Don’t forget it. On top of your car, take it home. And then that’s tomorrow’s lunch or that’s tomorrow’s dinner. Save it and need it. Don’t want to be wasteful in the world. Okay. Third option. So you’re eating at home and your stomach goes, hello and pool, stop eating.

I suggest you compost it. If you have that option or throw it in the waste bin, if you must garbage disposal, trash can feed it to the dog. Maybe it depends on what it is, but composted, if you can and help it become new food. Okay. So remember to subscribe right there, right there someplace. Anyways, if you like this video and you want to get more of them from me, subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon. And I look forward to seeing you again and again, remember in, down in the comments, let me know of some other ideas you have, what you can be done with food that you don’t want to put in a trash can. You don’t want to put in your body as a trash can. What else can we do with it?

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