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Week 3 | Soda Pop Crusher

So you want to drink a soda. OK drink it.

Oh, you really don’t want to but you don’t know what to replace it with?

Drink a glass of water. If you are craving soda it probably is just your body saying, “Hey I’m thirsty!”.

Craving gone? Great! All done.


So you drank the water. (Good for you! Your body I’m sure is thanking you.)

But… You still are craving the soda.

Are you hunting for caffeine? You could either add more caffeine to your system, or just drink another glass of water and in a few days the physical effects of this withdrawal will be gone.

Or are you looking for the sugary hit? If you are looking for sugar then perhaps it’s time for a nice fresh piece of fruit.

And finally, is it really time to have sugar? Are you using soda as a snack? This time, if it is safe for you, maybe try just being with the feelings your body is communicating to you. Another meal is coming up. (Refer to “The 4 Rules of Eating” handout)