No Cravings Unstoppable Weight Release (Virtual Gastric Band)

Scott Bechtel
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Week 1 | Welcome And How This Program Works

You made it into the program!

Welcome To



What are the benefits of this program?

Week 1 – Create a new relationship to food: Getting started and Virtual Gastric Band installation. This really is the heart and soul of this program. During Week 1 you are going to learn every thing required for you to be successful. The other weeks are just assistance and reminders.

Week 2 – Destroy the past and live in the present: We dig into what got you to where you were before you started this program and clear all that past away. We will also dig into some things you can do when food cravings come up.

Week 3 – Super Power Up your Virtual Gastric Band: Sugar and Carb cravings are addressed along with Moving More.

Week 4 – Keep On Keeping On:  If this program had cheer leaders they’d be dancing for you in Week 4.

Week 5-7 See week 4!

Week 8 – Amazing Results: Celebrate wins! Review how things have been going and adjust if needed.


Summary: The primary benefit of this program is to give you a framework to implement the “Eat less, move more” approach so many doctors and dietitians have suggested but never explained how to apply it to your life.