What Is The Almost Certain Probable Future Cost If You Do Nothing About Your Weight

What is the almost certain

Hello, my name is Scott Bechtel. I’m a hypnotist. And last week I was talking to you about three ways that you can stop using your body as a trashcan. So thank you, everyone that gave me feedback and comments on, on that today. Also, I hope you’ll give me lots of comments down in the comments down below. Yup. So let me just switch over here. So today I’m going to be talking about additional future value of the no cravings, unstoppable weight release program. So if you don’t do anything else, what’s the cost going to be? So, in fact, let me just ask you a question. What is the almost certain probable future costs? If you ignore your weight? So if you’re underweight, if you’re overweight, if you need to adjust your weight, if you do nothing, but especially if you’re overweight, what does that cost going to be on your body and in your life? And so I know that you will have a desired solution in mind of releasing weight and to feel good about yourself, to love yourself. And you can love yourself no matter how you are. Sometimes it’s easier when we appreciate what we’re seeing about ourselves and to build, to connect with ourselves, even that much easier.

So if you do nothing, what are some of the costs? So maybe you have a poor self image. Maybe you don’t, if you don’t, that’s wonderful, but many people when they’re dealing with weight issues. Yeah. They have a self, self esteem, self image issue, um, potentially headaches and panic attacks. Do you ever have a lack of motivation or focus? Um, do you ever feel overwhelmed or quick tempered because things just are incongruent in your life and in the, just out of control. So one of the someone that is a coach of mine says that if your, if your house, if your office, if everything is a mess, then all of your life as a mess. So if part of your self as a mess, then where else does that show up? Is it show up in your career? Um, do you feel like you just can’t keep up with everyone else? Have you been overlooked for promotions? Do you hate how people look at you? Do you end up job hopping because of just issues? Um, have you ever been fired because things just aren’t working. How about your health, your body? Do you have chest pains? Do you have muscle tension and fatigue? Does your stuff, sex life, sex drive, do those suffer. Do you have an upset stomach? Do you have maybe, perhaps even IBS, do you have sleep issues? So those are some of the potential costs. If you do nothing.

So if you address your weight issues, what are some health benefits? Well, you can sleep better, better self control of your, of your emotions and of your body gets sick. Less often, less muscle tension. In fact, the organs inside your body can start functioning properly. Again, increase your life span, and there’s no need to smoke. In fact, you can eat to live, not live, to eat. Your worklife balance probably improves. You can get more done when you’re at home, you reduce panic attacks and improve your health. And in fact, you can increase your sexual desire and sexual health, and you can be in control of your emotions that much stronger and better.

What are the emotional benefits? Well, you can be in a better mood because you feel better physically and emotionally and just everything’s working better. You can get along better with friends and family when you’re not upset and obsessed with how things, aren’t the way you want them to be. Potentially you can reduce depression. If that’s an issue and your timber, what temper, um, you feel free. You know, that that inner voice in your head, that’s always talking, talking, talking tiny. It can turn off and be quiet because things are imbalanced and integrity has been restored.

Excuse me, can have a powerful self expression of your own body and you can feel ease in any situation you feel alive. You can feel calm during meetings during and have a sense of happiness. You can be cool under pressure, and you can stand up in front of crowds and speak freely because you have confidence in yourself and about yourself. You can have peaceful thoughts and you can love yourself. The science is in our corner about this. So Google scholar has so many of our articles. And so if you search for hypnosis weight loss, hypnosis, weight management and hypnosis weight control, there’s just thousands of responses of articles, positive articles saying that hypnosis combined with a weight loss equals success. In fact, even two times the level of success of trying to lose weight alone without hypnosis. So if you’re looking for someone like me, that can get lasting results, I hope you’ll look me up. No cravings, weight loss.com, and let’s start working together.

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